Flavio Patera is half Swiss and half Italian and has a big affinity with products from his country. He started early by importing the first products in Switzerland, including olive oil made from his family in Apulia.

The self employed broker and financial service provider created Fine Food Trading in 2006. From then on he imported exquisite truffles, truffle salami, truffle pâté and several other products and delivered them to restaurants, hotels, butcher's shops and gourmet-food stores. He's also keen to Scottish salmon, Fleur de Sel and other quality products. The most important thing for him is to know the way the product takes. From the production and the processing, to the selling. He wants to know and to follow every step.

By creating Tartuferia Nardi AG he took the decision to deliver also private persons with his delicious truffle products.

How does it happened?

"I arrived to Perci accidentally", Flavio Patera recounts. To be honest I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way home from south Italy and I was searching for a new route. But when I saw the sign "state entrando nella zona del Tartufo Nero pregiato" I became curious.

I was so fascinated from Stefano Nardi when I saw him for the first time in his restaurant "Il Castoro" and when I saw the exquisite dishes he was able to create with truffle. I directly bought one kilogram and promised to come back and to search truffle together.

So he did, for already ten years now. He bought a truffle dog, a Lagotto Romano named Emma and he departs on several occasions to Umbria in search of truffle. 

Stefano and him became very good friends by this time.