From now on you can buy all our products online with home delivery service.



  • Geschenke
  • Truffle
  • Antipasti

    It has to be prepared quickly, to look irresistible and to taste uniquely good. Then you’ve exactly found what you were searching for! Our motto is “back to basics”. Back to the natural and delicate taste, served in a pleasant packaging. Open it and enjoy!

  • Butchery
  • Pasta

    Lavishly prepared sauces are out. From now on the focus lies on the pasta! Great tastes, from drum wheat semolina, or spelt to wholegrain semolina. From lemon and pepper, or kokoa/chocolate to wine noodles. Black or tricolore. Vegan? No problem! There’ll be something for everyone’s taste!

  • Cheese
  • Our own products
  • Polenta, rice & Co.
  • Sweets
  • Oil, Vinegar & Spices
  • Vegan Products
  • Wine, beer & spirits

    Unsere alkoholischen Getränke können Sie nur bestellen, wenn Sie älter als 18 Jahre sind!
    Die Altersüberprüfung wird mit Ihrer wahrheitsgetreuen Angabe des Geburtsdatums beim Registrationsprozess gemacht.