• Our own products

    Our own creations

    Take a look at our products. They're all heart made for you!

  • Truffle specialities

    Truffe ice cream

    Enjoy summer with our delicious truffle ice cream!

  • Vegan products

    Vegan products

    You're searching fort something vegan and tasty? Follow us this way please

  • Truffle specielaities

    Truffle beer

    What's a hot day without a thirst-quenching truffle beer?

  • Fish


    Have you ever tried cold cuts made of fish? No? Here we go!

  • Truffe specialities

    Truffle salami

    Something rustic and nobel at the same time? Try our truffle salami!

  • Noodles and pasta


    Area you ready fort something new?

  • Truffle specialities

    Truffle cheese

    Everyone can make cheese. But have you already tried truffle cheese?

  • From the sea

    From the sea

    Meanwhile the others are having barbecue, you're searching for something different? Good catch!

  • Vegetables


    Colorful, healthy and delicious. Inspire yourself!

  • Truffle specialities

    Truffle honey

    What's the best sunday breakfast without truffle honey?

  • oil, vinegar and spices


    Spice up your life!

  • Truffle specialities

    Truffe cream

    As aperitif, or as starter, with bread or as dip. They match every situation.

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"Who stops being better stops being good"
quot. Philip Rosenthal

Following this motto we made it ours business to choose some new products, that will be surely better than the ones you know until now.
Every origin, every single content and every processing has been meticulously monitored and inspected from us. As we want to guarantee for our products. Especially nowadays where we don’t know what we are eating in reality!

Because quality isn’t only a word for us, it is an attitude to life!

So have fun while surfing through our products and bon appétit!